Duneze is a universal device for all ages and genders to facilitate squatting whilst using the existing toilet pedestal.

Squatting is the natural position for toileting. It is the default position really if there were no Western closet..
Patented Design
The patented Duneze operation and design makes sure that the product you choose for your family will always be the original brand and of top notch quality.
No External Power Needed
We know the worries that come along with plugging in devices to electrical sockets in the restroom. That’s why, Duneze is a completely self operating device with no external energy source needed. Just place and use.
Safe and Sturdy
Our rigorous testing process makes sure the Duneze you use meets the highest standards and will withstand regression while performing perfectly over the years.
As seen on TEDx Australia

One device for all family members
Easily adjust the height to suit any member of your family from kids to granny.
Easy to clean and maintain
Minimal parts and our high end FRP frame means that keeping Duneze clean is piece of cake.
Duneze weighs just 3kgs, which means you can move it around at will with no hassle.

You will not find an easier lifestyle change to start getting healthier.